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BABY POWDER! Nope, I’m not kidding…Wedding dresses are hotter than you think, especially underneath; so treat your thighs to a good cover of baby powder. Not only will it help prevent chafing but it will also keep you a little cooler. It beats hiking up your skirt and fanning up there, or worse, having someone else do it, all while hoping your photographer is nowhere near you when this goes down. Keep it classy, skip the embarrassing photo op, powder your thighs BEFORE you put on the dress!

Men a light coat under arms, on feet, and even on your hands, will help keep embarrassing wet clammy hands at bay, your armpits stain free for your photos, and your feet feeling their best throughout the day.

If you’re having a beach wedding baby powder is also great for everyone’s feet. A light coat on the tootsies before stepping onto the sand will make clean up a dream; a quick brush off with a clean towel will have your toes sand free in a snap.

I hope you enjoyed the extra tip and reading the guide online,  hopefully you gained some useful information from it all. Just in case you didn’t bookmark it or download the .pdf version here’s a direct link for you to access it at: http://su.pr/31xz1s

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P.S. Do you have a tip or trick that you think should be included? E-mail me yours and I’ll update my guide with the best ones I receive; winning submissions will receive a freshly made dozen of my famous homemade chocolate chip cookies by mail!



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