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Three Weddings in Two Tear-filled Days!!

Wow – well it’s been an action packed two days for me – Friday night was Mike & Annette’s wedding in Saugatuck. They are a lovely couple who after being friends a life time ago reconnected recently and decided to wed. The bride was in tears from the moment I began to speak – I could hardly look at her because I didn’t want to start crying, too – it was really very sweet!

The most beautiful part of their ceremony was a family sand unity ceremony…it was the grooms one request, Annette later confided to me that Mike had searched the internet and found it, she had never even heard of a unity sand ceremony before! I watched Mike before the ceremony began proudly explaining to his guests what the empty container and all the cups of sand were for. They must have had over a dozen cups of blue, green, pink and purple neon colored sand all lined up on the table, enough for all their children and their grandchildren…it really was beautiful when all was said and poured! They even had a few guests come up and pour the sand on behalf of one of the families that could not attend due to health reasons. They graciously asked me to stay for the reception and they were so sweet about it I just couldn’t decline and I was glad I didn’t – I met the most interesting folks there.

One couple in particular I seemed to hit it off with, which I later found out was Annette’s Ex-husband and his current wife. Needless to say I was a little shocked to learn “who” they were but I had a great conversation with both of them and truly enjoyed meeting them and the conversation that ensued, my only regret is that I didn’t get to spend more time with them as I felt as thought we were really like-minded in our beliefs, spirituality and shared the same general outlook on life.

I also was paid the highest compliment by them that I think I have ever received…generally at the weddings I’ve done there are always at least a few people that make a point to walk over to me and tell me what a lovely ceremony they thought it was – well, turns out not only was the gentleman Annette’s ex he has also been a wedding photographer for 20+ years. When he approached me and complimented me on the service I thanked him and thought he would move on to the refreshment table but he then he made a point of telling me about being a photographer and that he could count on one hand the weddings that really moved him…and mine was one of them! He also said that he thought his wedding was pretty good but mine was even better, so personal and so moving – he was so impressed – I almost started to cry for the second time that night! Thanks, again, you two – we’ll be in touch and maybe we can all do a wedding together!

Saturday was twice as busy – two weddings in three hours! Normally I never do two weddings so close together but I perform weddings for a local B&B and for the first time ever he had two couples wanting a weekend wedding package with weddings on the same day so instead of him having to decline one of the reservations, I agreed to come out for the afternoon and do both ceremonies. I swear after all the coffee I’ve been drinking, I’ll need to undergo natural detox after.

These are couples that I’ve only had email contact with so it’s always fun to meet them in person but it is a little strange seeing brides for the first time as they are walking down the “aisle” towards me.

The first couple was Stacey and Tony a military couple who had both sets of parents there as witnesses. It was a beautiful day out on the porch, with a light breeze blowing – it was just picture perfect! Tony looked very handsome in his dress military uniform and Stacey was stunning in her gown; I had barely begun to speak when I saw the first tear roll down her check. Something about a crying bride makes me want to reach out and wipe away her tears or cry with her – maybe it’s just the Mom in me or maybe motherhood has just made me soft but either way it’s nice to see them feeling such unexpected and primal emotions!

The second couple was Amber and Sam, an adorable couple who chose a religious ceremony for their wedding and once again I got through maybe two lines and the tears came rolling down! They selected a couple of readings that were meaningful to them including a poem by Maya Angelou that spoke about love. I just love it when couples choose to include things that are important to them, I think it’s important for your wedding ceremony to reflect your hopes, dreams and beliefs and that it really sounds like the two of you…the more you personalize your ceremony the more meaningful it will be for both of you!!

So that’s today’s tip from the Rev. – personalize, personalize, personalize! And Bride’s before you come down the aisle to face me – grab yourself a hankie!

Have a great week all – I have family in so I’ll be off the radar for a few days but I’ll be back at the end of the week, just in time for two more weddings; in Fennville I’ll marry Amber & George and my Dad will marry Jerome & Maria in Kalamazoo both on July 5th!

Have a great 4th everyone!
Rev. Hoot


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