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It was a Blue Day!

Well my perfect “no rain” record ran out the weekend of July 19th! I was so disappointed for the bride she really had her heart set on an outdoor wedding but when all was said and done, the location hardly matters. The important thing is she is now happily married to the man she loves!

The site they selected, Laketown Golf & Conference Center, was gorgeous – as always! This site has a beautiful rotunda room with floor to ceiling windows; we did the ceremony up on the stage with their guest seated just below on the dance floor. The entire ceremony went off with out a hitch, the Best Man and Maid of Honor came through with flying colors on their readings, Bride and Groom made it through their vows…it was all going so perfectly!

Once the ceremony was finished the photographer asked the guests to stand up and look towards the couple…apparently she took a little too long because next thing I know there is a loud crash and thud off to my left! It was the bride’s Grandmother hitting the floor! For a moment I pictured a trip to the ER and a ruined day but like a trooper Grandma was eventually helped up back into a chair. Poor woman I think she was more embarrassed about it all then anything else – at least I hope so. I’m sure she’s going to be bruised but I sincerely hope that’s the worst of it. Other than that (and the DJ messing he cues up) it was a perfect!

The rest of July was a fairly quite wedding month…last weekend on the other hand was much busier as I had weddings on both Saturday and Sunday, more on those in the next installment!

So our lesson for today kids is; no matter how well you think you have things planned or planned for everything you can never plan for the unexpected (like a Grandparent falling down or some rain on your wedding day) Just go with the flow!!

The important things is that you are marrying the one you love, which after all is the most important part of your wedding day. As long as at the end of the day you are legally married, nothing else really matters in the big scheme of things!

Have a joyful week and check back soon for details on the beach wedding that got a “flyby” and the Pirate wedding that I did on Sunday!

Rev. Hoot

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