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Rev. Cheryl Hooten ~ Michigan Wedding Officiant

Michigan Wedding Officiant ~ Saugatuck, Michigan

Michigan Wedding Officiant, Michigan Wedding Officants, wedding officiant michigan,Rev. Cheryl HootenAs the Head Writer, Lead Michigan Wedding Officiant and Primary Consultant, Rev. Cheryl Hooten, has been creating and Officiating one-of-a-kind celebratory and dogma-free wedding and elopement ceremonies for couples throughout the Mid-West since 2005.

This non-Denominational and non-judgmental ordained Michigan Wedding Officiant living in Saugatuck MI, caters to all beliefs and honors all faiths and works one-on-one with each couple regardless of which Service or Michigan Wedding Officiant you choose.

She has a friendly, down-to-earth style that has calmly guided hundreds of couples down the aisle over the last 10 years; each wedding benefits significantly from her attention to details and easy-going charm.

My joy and passion is creating personalized wedding celebrations that are as unique as the couples I write and perform them for; I just don’t do dull and boring!

I collaborate with each couple to create a ceremony that’s right for the them. One that fits their style and personality.  Your marriage ceremony should be an expression of who you are as individuals and as a couple. It should reflect your values, goals & beliefs, your hopes and dreams alongside the things that are most important to you in everyday life.

I get to know you through conversations and meetings. I take the time to figure out what you both want (and don’t want) included your ceremony. We work together to create a ceremony that’s perfect for each individual couple.  With a Custom Ceremony YOU have complete creative control. You approve every word of your ceremony text. I’m not done until the couple says I am, until the ceremony is just right for the two of you.

See what other couples have to say about us in their reviews, then call or email me today and let’s talk about yours (269) 274-1362.

I look forward to hearing from you soon,

Rev. Cheryl

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