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Check your facts!

I took my daughter to her favorite place for lunch yesterday (McDonald’s – the one with the play place!), she’s 4. While eating our lunch in the french fry chairs my cell phone rings.

This is strange for two reasons I don’t give that number to anyone and my stupid crack-berry doesn’t work! It never has, if I want to talk on it I have to use the speakerphone or my ear piece thingy that’s somewhere, uncharged, in the bottom of my purse.

I answer it anyway and the woman calls me by name – strange again, I didn’t recognize the number or her voice…”Yes” I say tentatively…she responds with “I want you to back off my husband!” SHAY WHAAAT!?!

She goes on to tell me that I’m having an affair with her husband Bob Jones and gives me specific dates and times that I’ve spoken to him; one of which was MY husbands birthday…I know what I did on that day and it darn well wasn’t cheating on him!

At this point I’m reeling! I’m telling her she has the wrong person but she called me by name and obviously had a phone bill in her hand, with my number on it, so how could she be wrong? Was I really having an affair with some guy I’ve never even heard of before? Was I having major blackouts that none in my family noticed?

Well the answer is resounding NO! NO, I’m not having blackouts, I’ve never spoken to her husband and I am definitely not having an affair (who has the time, LOL!)! The problem was she didn’t check her facts!

Turns out her husband IS having an affair with a woman with the same first name who’s phone number is ONE DIGIT different then mine…so yah, he did “phone me” but he was trying to call his mistress, mis-dialed and hung-up!

The moral of the story is check your facts carefully!

It’s a lesson that can be applied to anyone in any profession. So before you make that next phone call, write that email or send that letter make sure you have you have your facts straight. It could be the difference between getting your problem solved or washing lots of egg off your face!

Love & Joy!
Rev. Hoot

P.S. I did change their names to protect the innocent and the guilty!

What do you think?