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I ♥ Chuck Lorre

I ♥ Chuck Lorre

I ♥ Chuck Lorre

With all due respect, I love Chuck Lorre; this isn’t something I’ve known forever, in fact if it weren’t for the invention and subsequent installation in my home of the device known as a DVR, I would never know how much I truly love him. You see without a DVR his wittiest repartee, his most informative and political statements can easily go unnoticed, unread; you have to be fast, blink of an eye and it’s gone.

But with my handy-dandy DVR, I can catch it all. Like this little ditty I saw tonight…It ran tonight on Two and Half Men, I believe it also ran on last weeks How I Met Your Mother.


I do not interact with Facebook, Twitter or any of the other social networking platforms. My reasoning is simple.  Why in the world would I want to share my private thoughts and feeling with the world at large?  What good could possibly come from me having a convenient outlet to express myself to millions of people?  The more likely outcome is that in a misguided attempt to be funny or cute, I’d say something stupid and wind up getting publicly raked over the the proverbial coals.  Which is why I think the wiser path is to keep my opinions to myself.  For example, if I were to feel moral outrage over an organization riddle with pedophiles expressing their moral outrage over conception, I certainly wouldn’t tweet about it.  And the photographs I’ve taken of myself wearing noting but an oven mitts and a tiara will never be shared on a Facebook page.


I actually do feel more reassured, as an American and as a women, that there are sensible people out there who see the exact same stupidity I do and who use their voice to say so.  Oh and, Mr. Lorre my intention is purely to share you work, your humor and charm with those who missed it…you may not Facebook or Tweet but I do, please don’t send your Lawyers after me, if you really don’t like my post I will happily take it down…if you ask me nicely, said the mouse to the lion. Oh no, I’m starting to sound like Chuck Lorre in my head when I write, this can’t be good, one would assume that I would stop typing now but I oddly I can’t stop myself…Here’s what was in the cards tonight, the best I can tell; I may need new glasses and I don’t type very well ~ GET OUT OF MY HEAD ;) ….carry on…

Peace & Love,



P.S. I wrote this little ditty back in 2012, and still holds true in 2015…and I’d still pay to see those oven mitt and tiara photos, so if anyone has a line on them, well you know where to find me.

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