Total Fail

Technology wins again

Well isn’t that terrific! NO, not really. In fact, technology totally let me down this time. You see, I add this neat plug-in that had been chugging away all nice and neat, sending me an email each time one of you lovely people fills out one of my forms. It was great, it was wonderful, and then it wasn’t. And I didn’t find out until about 30 days later… That’s rights, folks 30 WHOLE DAYS LATER, UGH!

Thanks to a nice woman, who happens to share my Mother’s name, who finally picked up the phone and called after not receiving the promised confirmation and follow-up emails from me it isn’t fixed but, at least I know about it now. Why it happened is anyone’s guess, especially mine but, I’ll figured it out.

In the mean time, sorry if you didn’t get the immediate response you should have. If this is your first time here, or you’ve just filled out a form, please feel free to call or email me directly: (269) 274-1362


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