Our Coordination Services

The wedding coordination services we provide go way beyond supervising all the different moving parts on your wedding day, although that’s part of the job too.

Our job actually starts the first time you contact us. We are the ones who are helping you choose the best venue, customizing packages to suit your needs, answering all of your questions, and putting your mind at ease.

coordination for micro wedding packages,Saugatuck backyard wedding by saugatuck wedding planner

You should have a relaxed and fun wedding day, and the enjoy the hours leading up to your ceremony, instead of stressing out and wondering if your cut-rate flowers will ever arrive.  Just bring yourselves and we will take care of the rest.  Stop worrying, we’ve got this.

What do we handle for you?

Here's just a few of the major things your wedding coordinator will do behind the scenes for you:

  • Assign your photographer, and other wedding professionals.
    • Communicating any concerns, questions or changes to them.
  • Ordering your flowers and managing delivery location & times.
  • Contacting your vendors the morning of your wedding for a final review and stay in contact throughout the day.
  • Paying the Vendors and Venues (you pay us and we handle paying everyone else)

These are some other coordination services we will do for you, that will be more noticeable to you:

  • We are your one point of contact (your go-to wedding person)
  • Your local knowledge resource & we'll share our love for it with you
  • Creating & Distributing your wedding day timeline so, everyone will know when and where to be.
  • Sending detailed instructions for a meeting place & time so you can find us easily when on the Big Day.

The biggest things we do for you

  • We coordinate your individual wedding vendors and venues into one all-inclusive package.
  • Coordinate any rentals included or added by you
  • Ceremony Coordination
    • From set-up to tear down, delivering your flowers to lining up the wedding party at start time, and everything in between, we will be there to take care of it all.
Heading off catastrophe

Some things may go wrong or not turn out the way you expected, nothing is perfect.  But, it's our job to make sure things are as close to perfect for you as they can be, however you define that and whatever your style is.

But, there are things we just don't do.  Such as panic over a forecast or have a "common crisis" that we need to apply aversion strategies to.  We diligently work with you to achieve the wedding look and vibe you want.  So, everything we do leading up to you wedding day ensures that nothing slips through the cracks and nothing gets missed.

This isn't our first rodeo, we've done this hundreds of times before.  We know just what to do and we’re going to have your back.

Ready to get started?

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