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Rev. Cheryl Hooten is the Commander and Chief of Dream Day Weddings. She runs the show, creates all the ceremonies, schedules the West Michigan Wedding Officiants she works with and handles all of the Event Planning & Consulting, too.

She's a night owl who probably drinks too much Red Bull. She's also a Mom to three daughters, who likes a good Captain & Coke and being on any beach.

"I spent over 25 years in Corporate America becoming a highly sought after Executive Level Assistant.  Those years of planning events, organizing schedules and travel plans for executives, working with sales contracts, budgets and expenses, all honed my natural detail-oriented skills razor sharp."

After hitting the glass ceiling, she took a chance and changed paths to move from the NW suburbs of Chicago to West Michigan.  One strange twist of fate, and a great story later, she quickly worked her way up to the award winning West Michigan Wedding Officiant she is today.

What sets her a part as a West Michigan Wedding Officiant?

She's not a a church Minister, Reverend, Pastor or Priest, or like any of the other West Michigan Wedding Officiant. Cheryl is not religiously ordained or even inclined. She carries the title of Reverend to make it easier for you to find her, and to make your (grand)parents feel better.

So, it doesn't matter if you're an Atheist or Agnostic or consider yourself spiritual, Christian, a recovering Catholic or a high-holiday Jew. If it's important to you, she'll acknowledge your deity with honor and respect in your ceremony.  If you want to leave all God's out and wan to drop an F-bomb that's totally fucking cool, too!

It is your 1st or 3rd marriage?  No big deal, you're welcome here. Have kids you want to include, I do that all day long. You want to dress in costume or period garb, I say - Ahoy Matey! Planning a Zombie or Dr. Who wedding, I say {Walker Growl} and Geronimo! Love is Love. Those are the celebrations I want to be a part of.

But, the one thing she can not pull off successfully is being a man. That's why she works with Rev. Jason LaVelle.  He's an all around cool guy who is a loving husband and father, published author, animal technician, and gauge wearing motorcycle enthusiasts who's up for anything, too.  He does an excellent job performing the ceremonies, and he owns a tux.  So, he has that going for him.

What's she doing now?

During the first few years of being a West Michigan Wedding Officiant she learned how difficult it was for her clients to find the vendors and venues they were looking for. Without knowing the area or the right people to call they spent countless hours on the internet searching for the right venues and vendors, if they found them at all.

I don't like wasting time, it was hard to see so many couples wasting theirs and still not get what they wanted.

She also noticed more couples wanted to elope, they all wanted an easier way to get married, and for it to feel like their wedding day.  In response, she paired her extensive planning background with her local knowledge, and contacts, to create all-inclusive elopement, micro-wedding packages, to give couples the easier way to get married and have a the small wedding they wanted.  She also offers local Wedding Planning services to couples hosting bigger celebrations in the area.

That's why I no longer offer stand-alone Wedding Officiant Services.  Unless you're a former client, renewing vows or remarrying, or you have super cool location in mind, like Maui or Scotland, then PLEASE call me ASAP!

A parting note from our sponsor

first legal LGBT marriage in Ottawa County performed by Saugatuck Wedding PlannerHi Ya!

Cheryl here. Just wanted to invite you to check out the rest of the web site, read what other couples have to say, and drop by the blog; I occasionally write about things there, too.

Then can use the form on the side to contact me.  I'd love to chat about your wedding and help make your vision a reality.

Congratulations on your engagement, I hope to talk to you soon!