A few answers to the most common questions we get asked...

Are you available for my date?

There's only one way to find out, drop us a line or request a quote for the date you have in mind. Just remember, there is only one sunset spot each day, so what's available today may be gone tomorrow. Please also bear in mind that we no longer offer services on any Holidays or Holiday weekends. Spending time with loved ones is important to us as it is to you, and getting around town on a packed weekend isn't fin for anyone.

What's the deal with our Wedding Packages?

Our Wedding Packages are exclusive collections of wedding services, from different wedding vendors, all bundled together.  It’s a way for our clients to save money and the hassle of arranging each service separately. Think of it as one stop shopping for small weddings and elopements. Although each one is unique, and some include more, they all include these wedding basics:

  • A Wedding Coordinator
  • Professional Wedding Officiant
  • Personalized Ceremony
  • Fresh Flowers for the Couple
  • Professional Wedding Photography
  • Choice of scenic Locations
  • Personalized Wedding Planning Portal


Click HERE for more information on our sunset beach services or HERE for our simple elopement and ceremony services. Both services are available May 1 - October 30

What does it cost?

Wedding Planning

We want to ensure that we're a great match with our clients, not just a good one.   So, we invest time in speaking with couples, understanding their needs and wants, and finding our if we're a great match or not before we start throwing numbers around.

That's why we're happy to schedule a free phone consultation.  We'd like to get to know you, and find out who you are as a person and a couple. I want to hear all about your wedding vision and the plans you've made so far.  And I want to hear all the frustrations your feeling and facing.  Then we'll talk about how we can help you. However, you will find a base prices listed on our wedding planning services page

Wedding & Elopement Packages

Prices for our ceremony packages are clearly listed on each page. You can request a personalized quote by clicking on the Start Planning button and filling out the form.

Will you travel to my location?

As Wedding Planners

Yes, as long as it's in Southwest Michigan or your footing the bill for travel.  We have our passports ready!

Ceremony Packages

Providing that the location you use is between Holland and South Haven area, and our schedules allow it, we're happy to bring our services to you (decor option may be limited) Otherwise, nope. Not unless you want to pay our daily rate ($5k) for travel out of the area, we have set locations for the packaged ceremony services we offer.

What if I just need someone to perform my wedding?

We don't do that anymore, unless you're a former client renewing your vows, or going someplace cool, like Hawaii or Switzerland and paying for travel, then I'm all in! If not, we're happy to refer you to another experienced professional.

Have another question?

Drop us a line!