Which micro wedding package is right for us?

What IS a Micro Wedding Package?

A micro wedding package is a bunch of wedding services rolled into one package for you. Another way to think of it is one-stop-shopping for your small wedding.

It's also great way for couples to have a small wedding, without any of the hassles of actually planning it.

But, it's easy to be overwhelmed by all the choices. So, figuring our which one is right for you can be a challenge.

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Which one is right for us?

It depends! That's a sucky answer but, it's the truth. You're the only one that can answer questions like what kind of experience do you want to have, how many guests you're inviting, and what kind of location are you envisioning.

Micro Wedding Package Comparison

To help you figure things out we've put together this head-to-head comparison. As you'll see, each one is at a unique location, and includes something different.

comparison chart of micro wedding packages

Ready to find out more?

Still need help figuring it out? Let's have a quick phone chat, we'll help you find the right one.

About Us

Dream Day Weddings is a boutique wedding planning company, based in Saugatuck, catering exclusively to LGBT and low drama couples. They also work in collaboration with local wedding professionals to create stylized elopements, intimate ceremonies, and beach weddings packages, in Saugatuck, Douglas, and South Haven, Michigan