Music for your Wedding Ceremony

Having music for your wedding is one of the things we get asked about the most.  In the past, it was mainly people getting married on the beach asking.  But, most didn't want live musicians, because they had their own songs in mind, and hiring a DJ made little sense.  The last DJ that did come out to the beach was looking for power.  It was a good thing a super nice neighbor allowed him to plug-in or the couple would've gone with our music and paid him for nothing.

Our Sound System

That made me start looking for an option that I could easily provide.  Of course, the high priority was finding one that had a long lasting rechargeable battery.  I also wanted couples to be able to play their own music for their weddings without a bunch of cords.  Which meant Bluetooth was another must have.

The one we decided on comes with a corded mic, for vows, and our Wedding Officiants wear either a lapel pin or headset mic.  Because everyone wants to hear all the meaningful words that will join your lives in marriage.

  • Included with our larger packages, available as an add-on to all others

The Specifics

Ion Audio Pathfinder | High Power All-Weather Rechargeable Speaker.  The fact that I picked a model that has cup holders was purely a coincidence.

  • 100 watt peak power amp with 8-inch woofer and 3-inch tweeter
  • Streams music wirelessly from any Bluetooth device
    • Bluetooth track control
    • Aux Input for non-Bluetooth devices

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