Finding Locations and Venues

The Challenge of Finding the Perfect Location for your Small Wedding

Most couples who are planning to elope are doing it from across the state or across the county.  Having a wedding can be stressful enough, having one in area you don't know or don't live in can be extra challenging.  It's hard when you can't simply drive by and have a look for yourself, we get it.

Saugatuck and South Haven have a long history of being popular tourist destinations. And tourist destinations attract, well, tourists!  Between the crowds and the parking headaches it can take the intimate and romantic parts out of your intimate wedding pretty quickly.

saugatuck locations and venues

The Best Ones are a Well-Kept Secret

If you’ve done some Googling, you already know that information on this area can be scarce.  What worse are the sites that don't tell you the whole story. But the best venues and locations aren't well kept secrets, most times they are the most popular ones in the area.

WHAT!?! Yup, you read that right.  We use some of the most popular venues and locations, in the middle of tourist season (summer).  Take North Beach in South Haven for example, it's one of the most popular place to get married...during the day.

Unlike other barefoot wedding providers, we WILL NOT go there during the day because the beach is crowded.  You won't find parking, you will be hot and sweaty, and you feet may burn in the sand. Sounds like fun, right? That's why your ceremony time can make all the difference.

We know these things because we live here, and we've done this for years.  So, we know when things are going to be extra crowded due to a festival, and when they will be the most accessible. That's the kind of thoughtful local insight we use to help you choose not only the right package but the right time of day (and year) for the wedding you want.

How we Help you Choose your Venue and Location

We will help you choose one that works for both you and your guests, and the cost of your location or venue rental is included in every package.  These are just some of the factors we take in to account when we're suggesting locations and venues for you

  • Your requirements and wishes
    • What town do you want to be in/staying in
    • What kind of wedding you want
    • Your vision of your wedding ceremony
  • mobility of your guests (ex. can they climb stairs)
  • Wedding Date
  • Typical weather stats
  • Policies/Regulations of the site
  • Permit costs
  • Site logistics (parking, accessibility, bathrooms, etc.)

Choose a Ceremony Site Carefully

The site you choose will set the tone for your entire wedding experience. That beach in the photo might be terribly windy a lot of the time.  That beautiful park overlooking the river might require a permit and ridiculous fees for even a two-person wedding.  That cute gazebo you found on Pinterest may not have enough light for decent photos.  We’ll also have some insider knowledge on parking fees and whether or not they’ll be required for a given site.

We’ll listen to your want and need, and help you weed through all the options until you’re ready to choose a wedding package and location that's perfect for you.

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Photo Credit: Anji Monique Photography