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Professional photography by some of West Michigan's most talented and sought after wedding photographers.

Our Wedding Photographers

Gorgeous photography is typically a high priority for couples. When you get married, photos are the only way you'll remember all those special moment that happen throughout your wedding.  It's also the only way your family and friends back home will get to experience your wedding, too.   You want your wedding pictures to show off the beauty of your venue and capture the spirit of who you are as a couple.

How we selected our photographers

I met Sam over (choke) a decade + ago, when I was planning weddings full time.  I instantly fell in love with her and her style.   Several years back, when the economy tanked, we heard from a lot couples who were looking for a different way to get married.  In response, we created our first Get Hitched Quick elopement package together.

However, Sam is a popular girl with her own successful wedding photography business.  Which meant, if I wanted to help more couples, I needed to find another photographer.  Then, like a ray of sunshine, Kim moved in to town and opened a studio down the street.  The rest is history, because Kim is equally amaze-balls.

They are both skilled professional wedding photographers, who have never missed a wedding, lost photos, or delivered a sub par products. There is no one I would trust more, than either one these two, to capture any special, meaningful, or a once in a lifetime event.

Their images will capture all of the emotions, the tenderness and love, the laughter and tears, that your wedding day is filled with.  They never fail to deliver the highest quality images that impress everyone who sees them. They're also both wickedly fun people to be around, too.

Photography Services Included in our Packages

The baseline photography services included in our elopement & micro wedding packages is up to one hour of shooting (10-15 mins of that is the ceremony).   When you have 40+ people, packages include an additional hour of shooting, up to two hours total.

All of your high-resolution, fully edited, images are given to you with a print release and full usage rights.  Which means they aren't watermarked and you can print or post them anywhere you please.   You'll receive a link to your online gallery within 28 business days after your ceremony, and they'll be available for download for 90 days after that.

How our Photography Services are Different

I'm obsessed with giving you photos that you’ll be excited about and proud to share.  That is why our wedding officiants step out of the way when you read your vows to each other or have your first married kiss.  It's the reason why your coordinator hangs around while your photos are taken.  We wrangle purses, cell phones, hats and sunglasses.  Because, we don't want you to have good photos, we want you to have great wedding photos to remember you day by.

That's why I only work with photographers, and vendors, who have unrivaled skills.  I want you to be thrilled with the images you receive, and for them to make your heart melt whenever you look at them.  I also firmly believe that you do get what you pay for.  For these reasons, I compensate each of them in a way that's equal to their their talent and experience.  In other words, I pay their going rate.  Without question, they are worth every penny!

There’s a reason we charge more than the cheap and inferior wedding package companies, it’s reflected in the quality of our vendors, venues and services.

How Many Photos?

Unlike other companies, we don't put a number on your photos.  However it's generally between 100-200 for a one-hour shoot, and it goes up from there.  Our photographers typically start shooting from the very beginning, when bouts are pinned on or bouquets handed over.  We stop when the time is up or you say "we're done".   Because, nothing looks worse in photographs than a couple with forced smiles.

We’ve never had a couple complain that they didn’t get enough pictures of their wedding day though, so don't worry about that.   They'll capture your wedding-day story, family photos, and then you will wrap things up with your couple's mini-session.   If you want a particular shot, just let your photographer know.  They won't take kindly to direction on every shot but, we're happy to take any photo you want   It's also easy to add on additional photography time, to get pictures of your pre or post wedding events, too.

Meet Our Photographers

Shutter Sam

My original partner in crime.  Okay well not crime, more like package co-creator.  Super fun chick, with sleeve tats, and a laugh I can hear a mile away.  She loves beer, comfy clothes, good food, and of course, her family.  Sam's sweet spot is solo shooting, her specialty is using the golden rays of the sun as her muse and her light.  She digs the intimacy of small weddings and elopements, and has a soft spot for ones with dogs.

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Zahnow Photography

Kim is the first one down in the sand, neck deep in the water, positioning the light, whatever it takes to get the epic shot she wants.  I swear she has superpowers with sunsets.  That's why she's my go to girl for beach weddings.  She's also got mad photoshop skills.  So, if your sunset isn't that spectacular in person, it might be gorgeous in a few favorite photos.  (NOTE: this photo was NOT photoshopped, that is a REAL Michigan sunset)

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