Wedding Basics

What are *$%! are wedding basics?

Wedding basics are the basic things you need to get married.  Although there was a time where I ranted about how there is only thing you MUST have to get married, the truth is there are actually only two things you MUST have to get married:

  1. A Valid Marriage License
  2. A Wedding Officiant - you know someone to perform it and make it legal (see rant)
  3. Okay, okay. You may need a 3rd thing - witnesses.  In Michigan, you need two people above 18 to sign as witnesses.

Our Package Basics

But, most couples WANT a little more then the legally required basics, and they want it to feel more than a quick trip to a courthouse when they get married.  But, it's often hard for them to find everything they want.  That's why all of our packages include:

  • A Scenic Location
  • Flowers for the Couple
  • Wedding Photography
  • Personalized Ceremony
  • Wedding Officiant
  • Ceremony Coordination

That's a cute little bullet point list, isn't it? But, it doesn't tell you much.  So, let's start from the top and tell you exactly what each one means to us and for you.


A Scenic Location

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We know the prettiest and easiest spots for weddings in the area so you'll have a great backdrop for all of your photos, and all the indoor locations include food/drinks.

Flowers for the Couple

Dream day weddings wedding basics, bride with flowers

Using fresh in-season flowers, and your inspiration photos, our florists will create your flowers in your choice of combinations.  Add on additional bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages or upgrade to luxury or tropical blooms to fit your own personal style.

Professional Wedding Photography

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Because we believe you can capture love in photographs, and it’s something magical when it happens, one of our mega talented photographers will be there to capture the ceremony, and do group portraits followed by a couple’s mini-session.  About an hour in total.

  • 21-28 days later you’ll receive a link to a download your high-res images and a print release.  There is nothing else to pay for unless you order prints from them.

simple wedding in the park, where to elope in michigan, coghlin parkPersonalized Ceremony & Wedding Officiant

With your input, our Wedding Officiant will create a personalized and meaningful ceremony for you; write your own vows, include your children, or add a unity ceremony.  Afterwards, the officiant will handle all the paperwork for you.

Ceremony Coordination

Last, but not least, our Wedding Coordinator will guide you every step of the way. Through a series of timed emails and questionnaires you'll find out things like how and when to choose your flowers, when and where to get your marriage license, along with great places to stay and eat. Plus we're with you on your big day to coordinate it, as well.

So, now when you here us say, or read about our packages the include all of our Wedding Basics you'll know exactly what we mean and what you're going to get.

What do you think?

Do our Wedding Basics hit or miss the things you'd want if you were getting married?  Let us know what you think below.

About Us

Dream Day Weddings is a boutique wedding planning company, based in Saugatuck, catering exclusively to low drama and LGBT couples. They also work in collaboration with local wedding professionals to create stylized elopements, intimate ceremonies, and beach weddings packages, in Saugatuck, Douglas, and South Haven, Michigan

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