Simple Ceremony Package

Our simple ceremony package is just that. It's a simple ceremony that celebrates your love and honors your guests standing in attendance. Nothing wild or freaky, no bible thumping or preaching; no overly flowery poems or obscure literary references. Just a simple, meaningful, dogma-free wedding ceremony, personalized with your choices.

Designed for couples who want a wedding without a lot of fuss this option provides couples with a simple yet meaningful wedding ceremony, filled with love and joy; performed by someone pleasant, who'll call you by the right names, who will deliver a ceremony that longer than a drive-thru but, short enough that no one is in the back silently pleading for it to be over.

It's usually a casual event, where everyone gathers around but, if you want to walk down the aisle with a wedding party of 12 just let us know, we'll guide your rehearsal and help you choose the right location for it, too.

In addition to all the other choices included in our Simple Wedding Collection we'll send you a wedding ceremony questionnaire and together, with the two of you, we'll make your brief ceremony a meaningful celebration of your love and commitment to each other.

Choice of simple ceremony wedding themes:

  • Contemporary/Secular:
    No mention of God, etc.
  • Religious-Lite:
    We'll mention your God as being there, refer to them as you choose, and we'll even throw in a nice prayer to open or close the ceremony, if you like.

Our simple ceremony package also includes your choices of:

  • Marriage Vows
  • Ring Exchange
  • Including a Unity Ceremony
  • Including your children

Each meaningful wedding ceremony is personalized with your choice of traditional wedding ceremony options; you can write your own vows and we even have a list of other special rituals to include to choose from.

Have your own location?

Cool! We'll bring our services to your backyard, park, rental hall, or church. If your guests are standing on a hot beach, it'll be on the shorter side. If you have 250 guests seated in a church, yours will be longer than a brief elopement.  We'll make sure the ceremony fits you, your family and your venue.

  • We'll arrive 30 minutes prior to start time.
  • Establish cues with music providers..
  • If you have them we'll:
    • Test the sound system and microphones.
    • Discuss lighting and staging with video/photographers.
  • Add our professionally run rehearsal ~ $150

Who performs your simple wedding ceremony?

The primary Wedding Officiant (Reverend, Minister, Pastor, Justice of the Peace, Dude in the party hat - call us what you like) is Rev. Cheryl Hooten.  She is our Head Writer, Primary Wedding Officiant, and Lead Wedding Planner.

simple ceremony packageDuring the summer months, we have Rev. Jason LaVelle on reserve. Well, his wife get first dibs but he's available, we put him to work. But, if you're set on having a woman perform your wedding ceremony ~ let's talk, Rev. Hooten is always interested in super cool couples and locations.

Ready to book yours now?

Limited summer 2018 dates are still available!

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