Simple Weddings & Elopements

Everything you need to have the simple outdoor wedding you want

Scenic Outdoor Locations, Simple Ceremonies, Award Winning Vendors

Getting Married Outdoors?

There is no better place to elope or have a simple wedding outdoors than right here in Saugatuck, MI.  (although I MIGHT be a little prejudiced)  And we know the best places to get married here.  From sand dunes and riverbanks, to pretty parks and gazebos we have some great locations for your outdoor ceremony.

Simple Weddings Made Easy

With our all inclusive package you will celebrate your love in an intimate way, at a scenic outdoor location.  Just the two of you or surrounded by family and friends.  Plus gorgeous wedding photography to remember it by.

Our Simple Ceremony Services

One-Hour Packages
  • Outdoor Elopement $2,000/a $3,200 value
    • Bring up to 10 guests or we'll provide witnesses
  • Outdoor Ceremony $2,400/a $4,100 value
    • 12 - 19 people
  • Outdoor Weddings for 20+ people
    • 20 chairs:   $3,400/a $6,300 value
    • 30 chairs:   $3,600/a $6,450 value
Two-Hour Packages
  • 40 chairs:   $4,600/a $7,600 value
  • Extra 60 minutes of photography (2 hours total)
  • Extra set of fresh flowers (bouts/bouquets)
  • Add 10 chairs ($200)
Decor included:
  • Fruitwood Arbor & Chairs
  • Custom Drapes
  • Fresh Flowers for the Arbor
  • Bluetooth Sound System
Couple's fisrt married kiss at their eleopement in Douglas, MI
A couple under a tree at Wade's Bayou at their simple weddding
Couple belly bumping after their elopement
newlywed couple standing together in Wade's Bayou Park
gay couple eloping in the park, LGBT weddings Michigan

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Available: April-October except Holidays/Holiday Weekends

What do our Simple Weddings Include?

Each of our elopement and small wedding packages include all of these wedding essentials, and you can personalize your day with our add-on options. We'll also help with things like recommendations on the best places to eat & stay.

  •  Photography
    • Stunning images from some of the areas best wedding photographers.
  • Wedding Officiant
    • Personalized ceremony performed by professional Wedding Officiants.
  • Fresh Flowers for the Couple
    • Pretty bouquets & boutonnieres in the freshest flowers of your choice.
  • On-line Wedding Planning Portal
    • A centralized location where you'll personalize your ceremony and get all the information you need 24x7.

Our larger (20+) packages include decor and more!

  • A genuine bamboo 4-post arbor with white drapes
    other colors may be available upon request
  • Comfortable Resin folding chairs in your choice of white or fruitwood
  • Beautiful fresh flowers to adorn the arbor
  • Bluetooth Sound System for your use

Plus you can customize and personalize your day with our add-on options.

  • Additional Hours of Photography
  • Additional Flowers for your Arbor and VIP's
  • Video coverage to capture the highlights
  • Assorted Lanterns for Decor

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Why Choose Us for your Simple Wedding?

We only work with the best professionals

There is no need to spend hours (days!) searching for high caliber wedding pros that specialize in small weddings and are LGBTQ+ owned/friendly.  We've personally vetted everyone we work with.  Hand-chosen wedding pros who are as passionate about small weddings as we are and deliver the highest standard services.

Great Venues

We've got the perfect spot for you to get married at and we'll help you find the place to stay at or to celebrate afterwards. Whether you want a low-key out of the way spot, want to have a toast or dinner afterwards, or you want to jump on a boat and have some fun, we've got you covered with the best recommendations in town.

Stress Free Planning

Your personal coordinator will take care of all the details of your wedding package, will be your go-to person for everything you need, and they'll be there on your weddings day to supervise it all.  We'll bring your wedding vision to life; all you'll need to do is show up and we will take care of the rest.

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