Answers to the questions we get asked most


Are you available for my date?

Our wedding planners take on a limited amount of full and micro weddings each year, so that every client gets the time and attention needed to produce an upscale event. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation.

What areas do you cover?

Although our passports ready, our niche is the coast of West Michigan, it's where we live and prefer to work. It's also where our trusted network of event partners is based out of. So everyone wins! You get great scenery, venues and vendors, and we get less travel time to work, which makes all of us happier.


Are you available for my date?

Our Elopements in Saugatuck are available April 1 - Oct 30, Beach weddings in South Haven are limited to May 1 - Sept 30.

The is exceptions are Holidays and Holiday weekends. Spending time with loved ones is important to us as it is to you. So we don't work on those dates.

What does it cost?

Prices for our packaged services are listed on each page. You can also request a personalized quote by clicking on a Start Planning button on any page.

What if I have my own Officiant

Great, it doesn't change our price, but you can have anyone you want perform the ceremony.  However, that person will be responsible for filling and signing the marriage license you provide for them. They'll also take on the responsibility of filing that paperwork properly with the County, too. In other words, you can, but we won't be held accountable if you don't end up having a legal marriage.

What if I have my own photographer?

Photography is a cornerstone of our packaged services, and we know how important receiving great images of your wedding is to you. So, we don't trust anyone with that paramount tasks, except out team of highly respected wedding photographers.

You're welcome to have yours take photos before and after our services conclude, but for the time you're with us, our is the exclusive photographer. Guests are also asked to put away their phones and cameras at the start of each ceremony.

Will you travel to my location?

The short answer is no. Unless it's a basic Elopement and your location is in Saugatuck, Douglas or South Haven, we have set locations for our services. If you're want decor brought to your property or location, see our wedding planning services.

What if I just need someone to perform my ceremony?

Unless you're a former client renewing your vows, or going someplace awesome, like Hawaii or Switzerland and paying for travel, we don't do that anymore.

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