A Beach Wedding in SW MI

Everything you need to have the beach wedding of your dreams

Superb Beaches, Award Winning Wedding Vendors, Unrivaled Service


We adore beach weddings!

We love any beach wedding, and our packages are the stuff barefoot wedding & Pinterest dreams are made of!

Imagine yourselves standing on the sandy shores of Lake Michigan, the sun gently setting, as you join your lives in marriage, with a pretty arbor in the background, beautiful fresh flowers in hand, while it's all captured with beautiful photography.

What sets us apart?

We care about your day as much as you do.  We also have the experience, and the passion, to bring your dream beach wedding to life.

So, we never settle for anything but the best for you.  That means having a professional florist who only uses the finest fresh flowers.  It means we only work with the best professional wedding photographers, not wanna-be part-timers.  It also means you will have a Professional Wedding Officiant who will create a loving ceremony for you and deliver it with heart and passion.  You'll never get a cold reading off the internet from any of us.

Here, you will get a different kind of wedding experience.  One that helps you relax and feeling relieved, because you found us.  Not worried about crowds or how their foam flowers will look in your sub-par photos.

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Beach Weddings & Elopements

Available May 1 - September 30 except Holiday/Holiday Weekends

Beach Weddings

One-Hour Packages
  • 10 chairs:   $3,200   (a $5,350 value)
  • 20 chairs:   $3,400   (a $6,200 value)
  • 30 chairs:   $3,600   (a $6,450 value)
Two-Hour Package
  • 40 chairs:   $4,600   (a $7,600 value)
  • Extra 60 minutes of photography (2 hours total)
  • Extra set of fresh flowers (bouts/bouquets)
  • Add more chairs, in sets of 10 ($200)
Decor included:
  • Authentic 4-pole Bamboo arbor
  • Custom White Drapes
  • Folding chairs in White or Fruitwood
  • Fresh Flowers for the Arbor
  • Bluetooth Sound System

Beach Elopement

  • NO chairs:    $3,000   (a $5,300 value)
    • Bring up to 10 guests to stand with you
  • Decor included:
    • Authentic 4-pole Bamboo arbor
    • Custom White Drapes
    • Fresh Flowers for the Arbor
  • Two Witness to sign your Marriage License

Getting married should be easy!

Getting married on the beach doesn't have to be hard.  Stop stressing and quit worrying, we know exactly what to do.  Let us show you how easy having your wedding on the beach can be.

What exactly does our beach wedding services include?

Our beach elopement and small wedding packages also include these wedding essentials.

  • Decor
    • A genuine bamboo 4-post arbor with white drapes
      other colors may be available upon request
    • Comfortable Resin folding chairs in your choice of white or fruitwood (if applicable)
    • Beautiful fresh flowers to adorn the arbor
    • Bluetooth Sound System for your use
  •  Photography
    • Stunning images from some of the areas best wedding photographers.
  • Wedding Officiant
    • Personalized ceremony performed by professional Wedding Officiants.
  • Fresh Flowers for the Couple
    • Pretty bouquets & boutonnieres in the freshest flowers of your choice.
  • On-line Wedding Planning Portal
    • A centralized location where you'll personalize your ceremony and get all the information you need 24x7.

Plus you can customize and personalize your day with our add-on options.

  • Additional Hours of Photography
  • Additional Flowers for your Arbor and VIP's
  • Video coverage to capture the highlights
  • Assorted Lanterns for Decor

Ready to get started?

Get started making your dream day beach wedding a reality.

Beach Wedding Restrictions

Start Times

We have a strict no day time rule for beaches.  Between the crowds, no parking, sweltering temperatures, with sand hot enough to burn feet, you can forget about that 3pm ceremony with us.  Besides, photos in direct sunlight are terrible anyway.

For all those reasons, and saving your Auntie from an ambulance ride, in the summer we typically do ours after 7:00pm in the summer months.  It's also because we know that the best time for photos is always going to be that "golden hour" right before sunset, so we aim for that.


While we love Saugatuck, they do not love weddings in the summer.  However, South Haven is happy to have us.  So, we go there, after 7pm when most beach goers have left for the day.  Which also means you have more privacy, and don't have to pay $10 per car for parking.

  • North Beach, South Haven MI
  • *Oval Beach in Saugatuck.
    • *NOT available Memorial Day - Labor Day Weekend's

Have questions?

Don't see what you're looking for?  Have some questions? We're here to help, there really is a human who will respond on the other end of this form.  We'd be happy to customize a package so you can have the wedding you've envisioned.