Top 5 Wedding Planning Tips

Wedding Planning Tips you can use

Last time we talked about what not to do when you're planning your wedding.  This time let's chat about what you should be doing before and during your wedding planning process.  Here are my top 5 wedding planning tips in no particular order.

Top 5 wedding planning tips

Top 5 Wedding Planning Tips

Make it all about you

The first of my wedding planning tips is to make your wedding all about you.  Hear me out!  The best weddings reflect the two people as individuals and as a couple.  Are you beer drinkers, golfers, outdoor enthusiasts? Incorporate your passions, interests, or and hobbies and let your personalities shine throughout your celebration!

Wedding Budget

My second wedding planning tip is to have a realistic budget. I cannot stress this enough because the average wedding last year was a little over $34,000.  That's not including the honeymoon, and 50% of couples admit to going over budget.   So, know the total amount you have to spend, and when you’ll have it before you start making appointments or signing contracts; we'll get to that in just a bit.

Ignore the $#!* online

The third of my wedding planning tips is to ignore ALL the wedding budget breakdown guidelines you’ll find on-line; a national average is no way to budget for your vendors.  Instead, I advise each of my wedding planning clients to write a list of their top 3 priorities, (bar, music, venue, food, clothes, decor, etc.) When couples then compare lists they have 3-6 items that are the most important to them – splurge on those things, what’s left gets spent on everything else.

Look Outside the Wedding Box

My fourth tip is to look outside the box for a venue.  If the standard wedding factory or Hotel weddings aren’t your thing look around; many Art Galleries, Museums, Breweries, Clubs and even local Parks can offer surprising rental facilities at reasonable rates.


Lastly but, most importantly, read the contracts before you sign them!  Some venues include items in their rental price, such as tables and chairs, while others may charge you extra for clean-up and cake cutting.  That's why it's critical to know what the total price is before you sign; get a copy of the final countersigned contract and be sure all changes are made in writing and signed by the vendor.

To Sum it Up

So, there you have it, my top 5 wedding planning tips; incorporate your personalities throughout your wedding day, have a set dollar amount in mind, splurge on the important things, look outside the box for venues, and read all the contracts (even if they are boring!)

Happy wedding planning!


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