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Are Wedding Videos a wedding hit or miss?

I'm sure that depends on the kind of wedding video you may have become accustomed to seeing over the years.  My memories of watching hours of jumpy footage shot on a handheld camera, or from one awkward tripod angle, makes my eyes glaze over and it's all I can do from keeping them from rolling back in my head & staying there.

But, these days wedding videos are slick edited productions cut with music and I'm loving this new style!  When they're done right you'll be laughing and crying along with all the other wedding guests.  It'll be just like you were there, without the expense of traveling or buying a wedding gift.  No, still do that part, buy 'em a wedding gift.

Why should you have a Wedding Video?

To put it simply, because unlike photos, videos can talk.  Which will mean so much more as you or family gets older, and your wedding video is shared with generations to come.  It's a very special way to capture all your wedding memories that will last lifetimes.

Things to consider when choosing a wedding video

Each professional has their own style and their own set of limitations; a one person crew probably isn't the best choice for your wedding with 200 guests but, they might be a perfect fit your your small wedding or elopement.

Same things applies to the kind of end product you want.  Are you looking for a 5-10 minute overview or do you want to ceremony in it's entirety?  Do you want raw footage or a shortened edited version?  How you get that end product and the amount of editing all factor into the price, too.  It may take a little homework to find the right match.

Adding video to our wedding packages

Below is just one example of a wedding video done by our talented wedding video partner, Erin K. Wilkinson Photography.  It was shot on North Beach in South Haven, MI.

The couple in it eloped and their family wanted to see more than their wedding photos.  So, they wanted to have a video that they could share with everyone, and Erin surprised them with this edited long version that includes their photo shoot with their dog, Winston.   Watch the full wedding video below.

Teri & Doug's Beach Wedding video

I'm still amazed by the way the video turned out and how well Erin captured their day; it's something I know the couple will cherish forever.  Ask us how to add video to your wedding package today!

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