Gay Weddings Michigan ~ Proud LGBTQ+ Allies and Advocates!

Dream Day Weddings is extremely proud of it's history of being advocates for LGBT marriage equality and gay weddings in Michigan.

Above all, as much as we dislike the term gay weddings Michigan, we know that it's a common search term for LGBT couples in search of welcoming businesses. So, we invite you to read the article below, and our Pride and Equality statement. Then decide for yourselves if we're right ones to help the two of you proudly join your lives in marriage.

Ottawa County's first gay wedding: Couple joyously wed at clerk’s office!

first legal LGBT marriage in Ottawa County performed by Saugatuck Wedding Planner

June 26, 2015:In the minutes after U.S. Supreme Court overturned Michigan’s ban on gay marriage..the first couple same-sex couple to marry in Ottawa County Michigan


Our Pride and Equality Statement

We believe EVERYONE has the right to marry the person they love. It doesn't matter if you identify as LGBTQAAIIP, Cis Gender, gay or straight. EVERY couple deserves the wedding they want!

As a business, and as a family, we embrace equality. We believe that all people regardless of gender identity, ethnicity, race, age, physical abilities or faith contribute to the strength of our community.

 As a socially responsible business, we oppose acts of intolerance, hate or discrimination in all forms. We take this pledge seriously and share it wholeheartedly with pride.

We are proud life-long allies and advocates of world-wide marriage equality.

To us it's just a WEDDING but some folks still search on gay centrist terms so now there is a welcome page just for them.  If you've landed here from a web search or a redirect from another website, please take a minute to learn more about us and the services we offer. We'd be honored to help you join your lives in marriage!

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As much as we don't like the segregation of the term "Gay Weddings Michigan" we use it exclusively for SEO purposes so that more loving couples, like you, can find us.

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