Wedding Mistakes to Avoid Making

Every couple makes wedding mistakes

Wedding mistakes are going happen, you could even be making one right now.  We see couples making  these mistakes everyday but, and they're easy to avoid.

To help you avoid them here's our list of the top wedding mistakes we see people making, and how you can easily avoid them.  Follow it and you might even enjoy planning your wedding just a little bit more.

5 wedding mistakes that are easy to avoid

5 Wedding Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

First, it's a mistake try to change yourself for your wedding.  Your partner loves you for who you are RIGHT NOW!  There is no need to starve yourself for them or anyone else; love yourself and buy a bigger size. Let your tats show. Wave your pride flag.

The second wedding mistake is to go without a plan B, especially if you're having an outdoor wedding.  Rain and wind can make the most secure tent unstable.  Venues in flood planes flood, and it's gets cold (and snows!) in the winter. Along with having an alternate venue, back-up generators, and portable a/c or heaters on stand-by is never a bad idea.   A case of umbrellas from Amazon can always be returned, too.

Our third wedding mistake to avoid is to sharing too many details, because everyone has an opinion and they will share it with you.  That's why keeping things to yourself is the easiest way to avoid all those unwanted suggestions and criticisms.  Which also makes planning your wedding a little less stressful, and helps you avoid #4, too.

Fourth on the list is letting yourself get overwhelmed.  Wedding mistake or not, when you feel like you're getting to the breaking point it's time to unplug.  Close your apps (after you're done reading this, of course), shutdown your tablet/laptop, turn off your phone, and spend some time reconnecting with your partner.  Sit on the couch and eat pizza, walk the dog, or go for a long drive together.  Most importantly, talk about anything except your wedding.   That way you’ll feel more refreshed when it’s time to dive back in after taking a break to nurture your relationship.

Lastly, the biggest wedding mistake you can make is to loose sight of the end result, marrying the person you love.   No matter what happens on your Wedding Day, if in the end you’ve committed your lives to each other, nothing else really matter.  Don't let a wedding mistakes ruin your day besides, everyone needs a funny wedding story to tell!

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