Michigan beach wedding – Alexis & Rob married in South Haven

A Michigan beach wedding at sunset

Let's talk about this Michigan beach wedding for a hot minute.  When I sent these photos to the Bride, I told her to sit down before opening them, you might want to do the same.

Now, don't get me wrong, we get some pretty amazing sunsets around here but, this night was beyond words spectacular.  It not often that we get a couple willing to stick around long enough to get stunners like these but, as you'll see, this couple is as gorgeous as the sunset was that night.

A Sneak Peek at a Michigan Beach Wedding

Why just a sneak peek?  Because, even though our photographers are busy, theirs was gracious enough to bestow these gems on us! However, I doubt I could have chosen a better handful of shots to share than these.  Buckle-up.

Alexis & Rob's beach wedding ceremony

North Beach, in South Haven, happens to be our favorite place to do a Michigan beach wedding.  The sun was already giving us great light as we began their ceremony.

Off to the left you can see a canvas, the family joined together to create a unity painting during the ceremony; it was a wonderful personal touch to this artists unity ceremony.

Micro wedding on the beach

Here's the family that was there and all the ones who joined in on the unity canvas painting.  The painting didn't turn out as expected but, that didn't stop any of them from feeling the bonding it created, or the fun they had while doing it.

michigan beach wedding (2)

In another part of the ceremony all of the Bride's sisters surrounded the couple to serenade them with a love song.  It was a tender moment that I'm sure these tightly bonded sisters will always cherish.  This is a great shot of all of them together, it really shows their personalities.

michigan beach wedding (4)

Michigan beach wedding stunners!

Hold onto your hat for the extra super stunning Michigan beach wedding photos!  That's a lot of build up isn't it? Yeah, it probably is. Too much? Naw, I think it's worth all the build up but, you be the judge!

photography of bride and groom on beachw ith sunset

WOW, did you get a load of that dress!  She was enchanting!


And now for some barefoot dancing on the pier, awash in each other

michigan beach wedding (1)
elope in south haven michigan on the beach

How's that for a holy cow stunning image!  My chin is still on the floor.
AH-MAZE-ZING!   You won't get photos like from just any photographer, no matter how pretty the sunset is.   We are very honored to have such talent photographers working with us, and providing our couple's images like this (Thank you, Kim!)

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photo credit Zahnow Photography

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