A North Beach Wedding – From start to finish

What's a North Beach Wedding?

A North Beach wedding is a small wedding, or an elopement, that takes place on North Beach in South Haven, Michigan, and it's one of our favorite things to do.

But, our excitement for it only goes so far, people want to see it for themselves.  So, we thought we'd share some photos of a recent North Beach wedding, to help answer some of the most common questions we get asked about the location.

A North Beach wedding - from start to finish

We'll start from the time you and your guests arrive.  Not hours earlier when our team arrives to set up, There's a lot of hot, sweaty, work that goes into setting up a North Beach wedding. No one wants to see that.

When to arrive for your North Beach Wedding

When you arrive we want you to be wowed, to have that breathtaking moment experience when you see your wedding vision brought to life.

That's why we recommend arriving no more than 15 minutes prior to ceremony time.  That way our set-up team is finished, and our wedding officiant and photographer have arrived to greet everyone.

Another reason we recommend arriving close to ceremony time is parking.  Summer beach goers tend to clear out between 6 and 7pm, leaving plenty of open spaces.  Most importantly, because there is no shade or shelter on North Beach, we want everyone to stay cool (or warm) for as long as possible.  There is no reason for anyone, but us, to be out there more than 15 mins before the ceremony begins.

When does our wedding photography start?

I've always said, our photographers start shooting as soon as they arrive.  Which generally means when you start pinning boutonnieres on.

This image was literally image #001 in this couple's collection.

mom pinning a bout on son's shirt at his north beach wedding

Guests Arriving at North Beach for your wedding

When your guests arrive they'll walk down the side walk, to get to the boardwalk, which leads to the ceremony area.  You'll see that the sidewalk is even with the sand, the low curb from the park spots which are directly in front of the sidewalk, and how the board walk is also ground level.  All of which make it easy to access for anyone who has impaired mobility.

guests arriving at north beach for a wedding

A walk down the North Beach wedding aisle

When it's time to begin, we will seat your guests, line up the processional (if you have one), and start the show!

BTW - the guy with the camera gear is NOT one of our photographers.  He was a guest who was politely asked to put his gear away during the ceremony.

We know every couples want to see their guest's faces, rather than their cell phone cases, in their wedding photos.  So, we open every ceremony by encouraging your guests to experience your wedding wholeheartedly, and without the distractions of technology

Kids don't always make it down the way you plan, and hopefully you'll share a few laughs on the walk down your aisle like this bride did.  Either way, at the end of the aisle, the love of your life will take you by the hand and reassure that all is right in the world today.

Your Wedding Ceremony on North Beach

We start our ceremonies be welcoming everyone to your celebration.

This couple asked us to incorporate God so, we opened their ceremony with a prayer of love and blessings.  After that, we talk a little bit about marriage and the life long commitment you're making to each other, personalized with your own story and words.

Then, it's on to rings and vows, done anyway you like, final words and the big finish kiss!  We'll also honor your lost loved ones, include your kids or parents, or add in a unity or blessing stone ritual.

Ceremony Additions

This couple opted to include blessing stones as part of their ceremony.  Each guest held a small rock throughout the ceremony, and filling it with a silent wish for the couple.  After the ceremony the couple led their guests down to return the rocks to where they came from.

Here's a peek of what it looked like from the couple getting their stones as they exited the ceremony, leading their guests to the water front.  Then on the count of 3 everyone cast their stones back into the Lake.

Is this what your North Beach Wedding will look like?

The short answer is no.  Mainly because we've made some changes and updates since this wedding, and added new Bamboo arbors and decor.  But, here's two other places you can see different looks: Hailey & Drew's Beach Wedding and Beach Weddings in Michigan, and below are some of my favorites of this couple that I hope they love as much as I do!

summer elopements in south haven, summer wedding, couple's summer elpement
summer elopement in south haven mi

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