Rev. Cheryl Hooten, Our Queen Bee

Rev. Cheryl Hooten is the Commander and Chief of Dream Day Weddings. She runs the show, creates all the ceremonies, and handles all of the Event Planning & Consulting, too.  She's a night owl who drinks too much Red Bull.  She's also a Mom to three daughters, who likes a good Captain & Coke, and being on any beach.

The girl behind the glasses

Man I loved those glasses, still so mad they got broken! Yup, that's me, Cheryl Hooten.  I'm a midwest girl, born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, with a corporate America background.  Which means having common sense, attention to detail, and being a little sassy, all come with the territory.  At least in does with me.

I've also been married a few times, too.  Which means, at some point, I've been where you are.  First was a big church affair and reception. Second, was a destination wedding in Jamaica and reception back home when we returned. The last one was supposed to be a courthouse wedding that turned into a small afternoon ceremony at a rental chapel with lunch at a restaurant afterwards.

So, I know your pain.  I know what challenges you face, and I know precisely what to do to make bringing your dream day to life a whole lot easier on you.

As wedding geek, a hopeless romantic, and a bit of a perfectionist, I am the toughest customer any business faces.  So, I've worked for years to assemble the right team of vendors who consistently meet my standards,

Over the last 18 years we've helped hundreds of couples get married and have the wedding they wanted, and I can help you too.

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It wasn't the way I wanted to get married, and had to overcome all kinds of obstacles with each one. That's why I am so passionate about helping you have the wedding you want.

What can I do for you?

You can read more about the luxury Micro wedding services and Elopement packages as well as the Upscale Wedding Planning services I offer.

Or contact me today.  Let's talk about your plans and find the best fit for you. Then I'll show you how easy it is to bring your dream day wedding to life.