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Ordained Minister in Michigan

Are we the right ordained Minister in Michigan for you?

The Ordained Minister in Michigan, or to use the proper term the Wedding Officiant, you choose to perform your marriage ceremony is one of the most personal and important decisions you will make when it comes to your wedding day.

Rev. Cheryl Hooten and her team of professional Wedding Officiants have been performing marriage ceremonies and love celebrations throughout the Midwest for over 10 years.

Whether you’re gay or straight; planning a Wedding or Vow Renewal, an intimate gathering, a large celebration or something in between; rain or shine, indoors, outdoors, lake or beachfront we’ll show up on time, well rehearsed and ready to perform a meaningful ceremony filled with love & joy!

Since we specialize in Michigan weddings, what you’ll get from me are the best award-winning dogma-free Wedding Officiants around, combined with straight forward advice and guidance; we’re cool and laid-back to work with, yet we are professional enough to make even the most discerning parents happy on the big day.

We ain’t your Grandma’s stuffy old Minister…

Ordained Minister in MichiganWe don’t care if you’re living together, have children you want to include, if it’s your 1st or 4th marriage, whether you consider yourself Atheist or Agnostic, a recovering Catholic or a holiday Jew.

If you want to leave any mention of a God out of your ceremony or happen to drop the an F-bomb in conversation, it’s no big deal; that’s totally fucking cool with us, too.

When you don’t want to get a church dude or dude-ette or can’t get one to come to your location, we have an Ordained Minister in Michigan who’ll be there for you.

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“Ahoy, Matey!”

As much as we love our adventurous couples, a majority of the ceremonies we perform are fairly mainstream and “vanilla” by Offbeat Bride standards but that doesn’t mean we are hung up on rules, must-haves, sacred spaces, books or traditions.

Short of sacrificing small children or animals we’re pretty much open for anything you can come up with. Dressing in costume or period garb, I say – Ahoy Matey! Planning a Super Hero, Zombie or Dr. Who wedding, I say Hellz Yah!

 I invite you to get to know each of our Professional Wedding Officiants: myself, Rev. Cheryl Hooten and returning again for the 2017 season, Rev. Jason LaVelle, our resident male Wedding Officiant and unofficial biker.

Learn more about the different types of Ceremonies I offer, read my blog, see what other Couple’s have to say in their reviews then contact me right away to schedule your free consultation. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Reverend Cheryl Hooten is an ordained minister in Michigan; her team of professional Wedding Officiants have specialized in performing contemporary and dogma-free marriage and wedding celebrations throughout the Midwest for over 10 years.

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