Our West Michigan Wedding Officiants

We only work with professional wedding officiants to ensure your ceremony is delivered flawlessly.  Dream Day Weddings owner, Cheryl Hooten has been a professional wedding officiant since 2005.

Although Cheryl still writes each ceremony, Rev. Jae LaVelle now performs our ceremonies. They also serve as backup Wedding Officiants for each other, in case an emergency ever occurs.

Our Officiants

Our Wedding Officiants are articulate speakers, who will deliver your meaningful ceremony with heart and personality.  No one is going to sleep through one of our ceremonies!  Your wedding officiant will be prompt, courteous and amazingly fun to work with.

In addition, since we work together so often, your wedding will run smoothly.  We all know what to expect from each other, and how to get the best shots possible from our photographers. That's just one of the many benefits in working with an experienced team of professionals!

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What sets us a part as Wedding Officiants?

We are not a a church Ministers, Reverends, Pastors or Priests.  And unlike several other West Michigan Wedding Officiants, we are not religiously ordained or even inclined. We carry the title of Reverend to make your (grand) parents feel confident that your having a "real wedding".

That's why it doesn't matter to us if you're an Atheist or Agnostic. Consider yourself spiritual, a Christian, recovering Catholic or a high-holiday Jew.  If it's important to you, we will acknowledge your deity with honor and respect in your ceremony.  However, if you want to leave all Gods out, and drop an occasional F-bomb, that's totally fucking cool with us, too!

It is your 1st or 3rd marriage?  No big deal, we've been married before, too.  Have kids that you want to include, I do that all day long.  Dressing in costume or period garb, we say - Ahoy Matey!  Planning a Zombie or Dr. Who wedding, we say {Walker Growl} and Geronimo!  Love is Love. Those are the celebrations we want to be a part of.

Our Ceremonies

We don't offer canned scripts to choose from.  Each one begins with a ceremony questionnaire that you and your partner will fill in together.  That becomes the foundation of your ceremony.  Include your children, honor lost loved ones, write your own vows.  Or include a customized unity ceremony; there's never an extra charge for those things.

After you're married we will send you a copy of your ceremony.  If you want more control over what's said, or want editing rights, you can upgrade to a custom ceremony.

Otherwise you can rest assured that we will respect your wishes.  That your ceremony will be an upbeat celebration of your love, intertwined with pieces of your love story.  And it will be without any gloom and doom or church dogma that's associated with a traditional wedding ceremony.

How long are our ceremonies?

Our elopement ceremonies average 10 minutes, our micro wedding ceremonies typically run between 15-20 mins.  We aim for short and sweet, brief yet meaningful.  They are always longer than a drive-thru ceremony, but shorter than anyone asking if it's over yet.  The actual length of yours will depend on what options you choose to include, how many guests are attending, and how large your wedding party is.


We no longer offer stand-alone Wedding Officiant Services.  Unless you're a former client, renewing vows or remarrying, or you have super cool location in mind, like Maui or Scotland, then PLEASE call us ASAP!  Otherwise our Officiating Service are only available as part of our Elopement and Beach Wedding Packages.