What does it mean to elope?


[ ih-lohp ]

verb (used without object), e·loped, e·lop·ing.

  1. to run off secretly to be married, usually without the consent or knowledge of one's parents.
  2. to run away with a lover.
  3. to leave without permission or notification; escape: At age 21, the apprentice eloped from his master.
  4. (of a person with a mental disorder or cognitive impairment) to leave or run away from a safe area or safe premises

Ok, we're ignoring #4 (for now) but, this is how Dictionary.com defines eloping.

What does eloping mean to you?

I thought the answer was pretty simple, until I stated to ask around.   Then, I got different answers from almost everyone I spoke to.

From couples to Wedding Officiants, we all had our own point of view on the subject. We each defined eloping differently, in terms of services, too.

I found some vendors are very strict and define an elopement as 2 people "running away" on short notice. Other people said bringing a group of people along is also eloping.   Hmmmnnn...

How do we define eloping?

I don't care how far in advance you plan it, if you're going to place you don't live, and your bring 0-4 friends with you, then you're eloping.

Bringing more friends or family and it becomes a small wedding. Want some of the things a big wedding has (flowers, photographer, dinner) without all the guests, then it's a micro wedding.

Do I care what you call it?  No. To me, the terms have almost become interchangeable. The important thing is your getting married, and you can do it with any amount people in attendance or call it anything you want.

What's your idea of an elopement?

When you think of a eloping, is it the two of you privately pledging your lives to each other, somewhere away from home?

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Or do you think of it as is being surrounded by a few close friends and family as make your vows of love and commitment to each other?

Perhaps you even have visions of walking down the aisle, with your guests seated in chairs?

EDITORS NOTE: If you want to walk down the aisle, don't be scared, use the word wedding, it wont hurt you.

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