Wedding Essentials

What wedding essentials do you need?

Wedding essentials are the basic thing you need to get married, in Michigan there are only a few:

  1. A Valid Marriage License
  2. A Wedding Officiant - The only wedding vendor you NEED
  3. Two witnesses (18+)

But, over the years we've all learned that couples want a little more then just the basics or a quick trip to the courthouse.  Most wanted to have something more special on their wedding day.  So, we listened.

As a result, we put together our own "must-have" wedding list.  All the things we feel are essential for a couple to have on their wedding day.  They are so important that we include them in every package.

Our 5 Wedding Essentials

So, these are the 5 wedding essentials we include in every package:

1. A Scenic Location

We know the prettiest and easiest spots for weddings in the area.
So, you'll have a great backdrop for all of your wedding photos.

gay couple eloping in the park, LGBT weddings Michigan

2. Flowers for the Couple

Using your inspiration photos, our florists will create arrangements, in fresh in-season flowers, to fit your own personal style.

Couples mini session north beach wedding 6

3. Professional Wedding Photography

A professional wedding photographer will capture your love. Coverage includes ceremony, group portraits, followed by a couple’s mini-session.

  • 21-28 days later you’ll receive a link to download your photos.
photography of bride and groom on beachw ith sunset

4. Personalized Ceremony

We feel that your ceremony should be a reflection of the two of you; your relationship, family and beliefs.  So, with your input we'll create a personalized and meaningful marriage ceremony.  You can write your own vows, include your children, or a unity ceremony, too.

wedding officiant

5. Wedding Officiant

A professional Wedding Officiant to perform your personalized ceremony, and handle all the paperwork afterwards.

how to get a michigan marriage license

In Conclusion

So, that's it, our 5 wedding essentials.  A great location, flowers for 2, wedding photography, a personalized wedding ceremony and a wedding officiant to perform it.  In addition, we'll guide you every step of the way, take care of the details, and we're with you on wedding day to ensure it's everything runs smoothly.

In other words, no matter how big or small, ALL of our 5 wedding essentials are included in EVERY package. Some have more but, they ALL start with our 5 wedding essentials.

*NEW* Extra Wedding Essentials

When it comes to bigger weddings there are a few more extra wedding essentials that we also feel are key to include:

  • Ceremony Coordination
    • When you have more than a few guest, or seating for them, you'll have dedicated support from our team. Our ceremony coordinator will be on-site from start to finish, to supervise set-up, line up the wedding party, etc.
  • Bluetooth Sound System
    • Having music has been a top request. That's why we recently added a Bluetooth sound system.  It's a super easy way to have music and let your guests can hear every word of the ceremony.  Create your own playlist and pair your device, or use one of the classic wedding tunes we've downloaded.

About Us

Dream Day Weddings is a boutique wedding planning company, based in Saugatuck MI.  We love cool, low drama, couples and take pride in catering to the LGBTQ+ community.   We offer wedding planning and all-inclusive wedding packages throughout Saugatuck, Douglas, and South Haven.

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