A Wedding Officiant – The One and Only Wedding MUST-HAVE!

There is only one thing you absolutely MUST have when it comes to your wedding; you need someone to perform the marriage.

That one person to speak the words that will join your lives in a legal union.


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Shay WHAT?

Put in a different way, you need someone authorized to say the right words, ask the right questions, and sign your license so, that you walk away legally married.

However, many people don't have a strong connection with a Church, or a Reverend, Priest or Rabbi, etc. Going to the courthouse isn't a great option either.

For those couples, a wedding officiant is just what they need.

Do I really need one?

Yes, yes you do. If you want to get married in Michigan that is. Sure, you can get your uncle or your cousin ordained online. Maybe a friend on Facebook said "I can do it!". That's great. The reality is though, most of "those friends" back out at the last minute.

Take for example, this Bride's post about someone she was relying on "...I have about 6 weeks left, and my fiance's sister backs out of marrying us, and we are left finding an officiant..." Oooph. Feel bad for her.

However, I get calls and emails just like this every year. So, don't let yourself get caught in the same position. Do yourself a favor, and listen to what I'm saying, hire a professional Wedding Officiant.

Hiring a Wedding Officiant

Here are a few tips to remember when hiring a Wedding Officiant;

1. Only Hire a Wedding Officiant who uses a contract
Not using a contract is a tell tale sign of a non-professional.  Review the contract carefully, question areas that aren't covered or that you object to; most things are negotiable; be sure to retain a fully executed copy for your records.

2. Please don't hire based on price alone - you will (usually) get what you pay for! Why skimp on the person who can make or break your day? Your wedding ceremony can either be the joke of the night or one that is talked about with admiration and compliments for years to come.

3. Book as far in advance as possible
Great Wedding Officiants book up just as fast as other good wedding vendors do so, book one as soon as you have a venue secured.

4. Wedding Officiant's are people just like you!
Apply the rules of common courtesy; if you're late - call.  If you have to cancel an appointment, give them some notice. Would you like your Wedding Officiant to attend your rehearsal dinner or your reception? Then invite them ahead of time, not the same day. Sending an invite shows how thoughtful and considerate your are.

Lastly, no matter which Wedding Officiant you go with, it should be someone you are completely comfortable with. Because it's not just about finding an Officiant, it's about finding the right Wedding Officiant for you.

Love & Joy!
Rev. Hoot

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